Take the guess work out of using your Android by exploring easy steps for navigating, customizing, and using the basic features. Bring your Android phone and charging cord to this hands-on class and begin your journey into maximizing your time with your device.  To attend, please call Meridian Tech at 405-377-3333 x 3265.

Summer Reading starts on June 1st.   We will train our volunteers and go over our expectations. If you are interested in volunteering please pick up form from the front desk.

This will be a fun filled night of trying not to laugh as each participant tries to get the audience to crack up. Snacks available.

It’s the height of Prohibition in 1920s Chicago, and there’s a mob war brewing between the South Side Gangsters and the Northern Chicago Mob Outfit. The two ruthless crime leaders have finally reached an agreement. The two gangs have set an official date to meet at Grand Gatsby Speakeasy to resolve all remaining differences.  Will these […]

Partake in a social media scavenger hunt that goes on during the month of June. Compete as a team or individual, but stop in to get the rules and the hashtag need to compete!  

We will be meeting at the Highland Hall in Highland Park and spend a few hours walking the park catching Pokémon and battling gyms.