Meeting Rooms

Guthrie Public Library Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Reservation Form and Meeting Room Reservation Deposit Checklist


The use of the library meeting space by any organization does not imply an endorsement of that organization’s policies or beliefs by the Guthrie Public Library or the City of Guthrie.

The group making the reservation will be responsible for setting up the room, maintaining the room in a clean and orderly manner, removing trash, and returning tables and chairs to their original arrangements. The group making the reservation is responsible for ensuring its program is in compliance with state and federal statutes (i.e. Open Meetings Act, Copyright Law, Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.). The group will assume responsibility for any damage to the library and its contents caused by any group member or program attendee.


Come into the library, 201 N. Division, to fill out a reservation sheet.  The meeting room scheduler will contact the responsible party in the next 72 hours for conformation of room reservation.  Everyone must fill out the reservation sheet.

Reservations for the meeting room must be made with a library staff member a minimum of 2 weeks prior to room usage.

Groups may reserve the meeting room for no more than two meetings in any one month. Persons under 18 years of age may not reserve the meeting room. One adult for every eight persons under 18 must sponsor activities for minors. Should scheduling conflicts occur, library programs and activities will be given priority. No library program will be planned for a reserved date and time after a reservation has been confirmed.

Limitations and Restrictions

All meetings must be open to the public. Meeting facilities are not available to individuals for private parties, self-promotional activities, or other personal use. Programs and activities held in the meeting room will have no arbitrary admission fees charged or special donations collected. Registration fees covering materials and/or speakers are permitted. Buying and selling are not permitted. The meeting room will not be reserved for commercial purposes, excepting any commercial purpose which is merely ancillary to the main purpose of the public, educational, governmental, or charitable event or use or speech or program. Tobacco products, drugs, and alcoholic beverages will not be permitted.

Groups may serve light refreshments. Jell-O and Kool-Aid may not be served because of the possibility of staining carpet and furniture. Groups must supply their own paper products, such as cups, plates, napkins. Signs, posters, advertisements, and/or decorations will not be placed on walls inside or outside the building. The secondary exit to the meeting room will be used only in case of fire or other emergency. The number of persons using the meeting room will not exceed the seating capacity established by the Fire Marshal, which is 40 persons. Flammable materials of any kind will be strictly prohibited.


  • No fees are charged to library, library-related groups or other city departmental groups at any time.
  • If refreshments are served, the group is assessed a $10.00 fee.
  • The meeting room is available for no charge to groups engaged in non-commercial, non-profit and open to the public activities.  For-profit groups may rent the room during library hours for $10.00 per hour.
  • All fees must be paid in advance.  If the program is canceled for any reason, fees will only be refunded at the discretion of the meeting room scheduling staff.
  • The meeting room is rented by hourly increments.  If at any time a meeting goes over the reservation time, the responsible party will owe for the entire hour.
  • The booking organization is responsible for the following: arranging the room to suit its needs; returning the room to its original arrangement; leaving the room in a neat, clean and orderly condition; reimbursing the City of Guthrie for any special cleaning needed and/or any repair or replacement of library property or equipment.

Meetings must be scheduled to take place during library hours.  A 10-minute warning will be given by library staff prior to closing.