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Teen Programs:

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Thursday, January 25th from 6-7 PM: Poetry Slam Bring in your worst or Best poetry and let the crowd decide your fate! Rules are posted in the Teen section of the library.

Thursday, February 1st from 6-8 PM: Anime Meet and Greet- Meeting and making new friends under a common genre of television: ANIME. Will be discussing about starting an Anime club, what all we’d like for it to include, and what steps it would take for it to be started. Refreshments will be provided.

Tuesday, February 13th from 7-8 PM: Blind Date with a Book!- Valentine’s is just a Day away and what better what to spend it than reading a book! There will be different books from the teen section wrapped up and on a shelve waiting for you to pick it! Once you’ve picked your book you get to unwrap it and find out what you’re “date’s” name is.

Tuesday, February 27th from 6-8 PM: About Our Date..-How was your Blind Date? Mystical? Romantic? Eye opening? This is where you’ll be able to open up about your book date that you have over the past two weeks. Still on a date? That’s perfectly fine we’d still like to hear how it’s going! Light refreshments will be provided!


Free Drivers Ed Courses

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