Sit back and make fun of cult classic Science fiction movies.  Popcorn and light snacks will be available. JUNE 12TH- Sharknado (2013) JUNE 19TH- SPACEBALLS (1987) JUNE 26TH- KILLER CLOWNS FROM OUTSPACE (1988)

Nautilus Quirrell is the son of Quirinus Quirrell, Hogwarts’ own infamous former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Professor Quirrell was killed in 1991 at the hands of Harry Potter. For this, Nautilus has vowed revenge on The Boy Who Lived. He made use of a time-turner to steal one of Voldemort’s horcruxes for safekeeping. […]

Build a device that can have an egg survive being dropped off of City Hall’s roof! Registration for the event begins at 2:30 and the drop will happen promptly at 3pm.  If you are not there to be registered your egg will not be dropped off the building. Scoring will be for presentation and egg […]

The Moon is made of cheese… no! Rice Krispies treats! Children discover that the Moon, like Earth, is made up of layers of different materials through this activity. They work to make models of the interiors of the Moon . Common food items are used to construct the cores, mantles, and crusts.  

The council is made up of students between the ages of 13-18. We work to coordinate upcoming teen events at the library.