Library Board

Agenda for next meeting:

Library Board Meetings are held once per quarter on the third Thursday of the month. Future meetings:

15 December 2016

19 January 2017

20 April 2017

20 July 2017

19 October 2017

Powers and Duties of the Library Board

The Guthrie Public Library Board shall

  • Act in an advisory capacity to the Director of Library Services on all policy matters.
  • Promote the services of the library in the community.
  • Become familiar with state and local library laws.
  • Assist in the hiring of the Director of Library Services by participating in the recruitment and interview process and making a recommendation to the City Manager.
  • Review the proposed annual program of services and capital improvement requests following preparation by the Director of Library Services.


The authority of a municipal library board is given to it by the City Council through the ordinance that establishes the library. Such a board is advisory and does not govern the library.

Organizational Responsibilities

  • Establishes a regular schedule for its meetings. In accordance with the Open Meeting Law, the time and place of these meetings is provided to the city government and is posted in a public place.
  • Develops and adopts the bylaws by which it will operate and conduct meetings.
  • Elects its officers. These may include President, Vice President and Secretary. Because the board is advisory, it does not handle money and does not need a Treasurer.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Responsible for establishing the policies of the library. Because the board represents the public, it will establish policies for the library that suit the citizens of its community.
  • Assists the director in administering the library through established board committees. These may include a budget committee to assist in budget preparation, and a public relations committee to assist in bringing the library’s message to people’s attention.
  • Engages in short and long-range planning for the library. Board members learn about libraries and library issues and keep themselves informed on trends, changes, problems and opportunities.

Advocacy Responsibilities

  • Serve as library advocates. Board members promote the library at all times through their daily activities. They offer their endorsement and support for the library’s budget request. They lobby for library support through such activities as ODL’s Library Legislative Day.
  • Serve as a contact point for citizens who want to offer suggestions for the operation of their library.

Minutes from previous meetings:

January 2017 Guthrie Public Library Board Minutes


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